Complex Buy To Let Finance

Specialist Buy To Let

Matt & Paul have a great deal of experience in dealing with specialist buy to let lenders. We would define specialist buy to let as;

  • Limited company lending
  • House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Lending
  • Layered Limited company lending
  • Large portfolio lending
  • Incorporating BTL portfolio’s
  • Day one re mortgages
  • Nonstandard tenancy agreements – corporate or charity leases
  • Complex income – self-employed clients with multiple income streams

We have very close relationships with a number of lenders who operate in this field. Specialist lending can be daunting and complicated, we aim to take the stress away from our clients by applying our experience and utilising the relationships we have built with the lenders.

When approached by new or existing clients we are able to answer queries efficiently, any elements of a deal that maybe challenging are discussed with the lender prior to submission so we do not encounter problems further along in the process.

Buy to let mortgages and finance* is a specialist area and in common with all secured borrowing or investments you should always seek to take professional advice.

We have the knowledge backed up by many years’ experience of helping guide private and commercial landlords through the process of making well informed decisions.

Call us before starting your journey into this potentially rewarding and interesting sector of the property market.

*The FCA does not regulate unregulated bridging/commercial.  Regulated bridging loans are regulated by the FCA

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